Reports suggest that Taiwan Semiconductor is planning to raise prices: 3nm may increase by over 5%, while advanced packaging may rise by 10%-20%Samsung to launch 3D HBM chip packaging servicesAI power demand surges! Gates says will invest billions of dollars to build nuclear power plantsApple's major update to payment features impacts these US stocks the mostChina Post Securities: Gold rebounds in the face of recession expectations, optimistic about the trend of gold prices in 24H2TSMC, US Stock Premium Hits 15-Year High, Arbitrage Trading Faces RisksSensor Tower: Tencent's "Dungeon & Fighter: Origin" becomes the most explosive mobile game launch in the past few yearsMarket Insight | TIME INTERCON rises nearly 6% to hit a new high, major shareholder LUXSHARE-ICT has entered NVIDIA's GB200 supply chain快讯:港股三大指数低开高走 苹果、半导体概念股涨幅居前Market Insight | FIT HON TENG Precision surges over 5% again, up 1.5 times year-to-date, company expected to benefit from high demand for Apple's phone upgrades and AI serversMarket Insight | BYD ELECTRONIC rose nearly 6%, leading the Apple concept. Apple's announcement of AI strategy is expected to further drive user upgradesUnderstanding the Market | Chip stocks continue to rise, reports say Taiwan Semiconductor plans to raise prices, leading wafer fabs may raise prices due to tight capacityAfter "fighting pictures" with Pinduoduo and buyers, my store became popularMicrosoft Japan President: Japan is accelerating the use of artificial intelligenceGlobal "grouping" in US stocks, US stocks "grouping" in AIIn the European and American markets, hybrids dominate, Toyota bets on small engines微软率先向 Copilot + 设备推送 Win11 24H2 更新,英特尔和 AMD 用户还要等If M1 is not visible, what should be looked at?快讯:港股恒指低开 0.52% 科指跌 0.58% 科网股普遍下跌Global "rate cut wave" difficult start This week, multiple central banks decide on the follow-up process沈南鹏,退任美团董事一职!Tesla Cybertruck delivery suspended due to windshield wiper issueOn June 14, 41 Hong Kong stocks were repurchased by companies, with Tencent Holdings, Meituan-WR, and AIA Group Limited having the largest repurchase amountsHong Kong Stock Concept Tracking | Strong Demand for High-Density Interconnect Boards, PCB Industry Expected to Continue Resonating with "Cycle + Growth" Dual Logic (with Concept Stocks)When will 'Apple Smart' be available? It will be available for trial as early as the end of summer, and will be officially launched by the end of the year or the first half of next yearSmart Connect Hong Kong Stock Connect Proportion Anomaly Statistics | June 17thThe root cause of M1's decline: Local government debt reduction芯片女王:奔向问题,问题实际上创造了机会Kashkari: The Federal Reserve has ample time to consider rate cuts before making a decisionFor the US bond market, data is more important than the guidance of the Federal ReserveEvercore ISI shouts the highest on Wall Street! Raised S&P 500 year-end target to 6000 pointsBreakfast | Goldman Sachs is bullish on the S&P 500 to 5600 points, Apple is reported to launch a thinner iPhoneFollowing the "dovish" stance of the Federal Reserve? Economists: The Reserve Bank of Australia will keep interest rates unchanged this weekIntelligence Hong Kong Stock Connect Fund Flow Statistics (T+2) | June 17thWith a trading volume of 2.8 billion, driving a market value growth of tens of billions, when will the valuation bubble of Marketingforce be "squeezed"?Huang Renxun's latest advice: Find a skill, and spend a lifetime perfecting and honing it!Founder Securities: Allocate "Zhongte Estimate", trade "Kote Estimate"LI AUTO-W granted approximately 2.5951 million restricted stock units on June 15thChairman of Intel China: Has reached business cooperation with 6 companies including Microsoft on Intel 18A, this snowball will definitely roll upSeptember rate cut expectations reignite, helping boost US stocks; French stocks experience the largest drop in over two years, with crude oil leading the way among commodities | Overseas major asset weekly reportWhy can't even the iPhone 15 use "Apple Smart"? The issue lies in memory, not computing power!M2 decline, LPR rate cut, and PBOC's "repeated warnings about bond market risks" - Understanding the current "monetary logic"Huaxi Securities: Current A-shares are in a "relatively bottom range" with limited downside risk at the index levelCICC Strategy: Prosperity is the core criterion for testing the technology marketIs the "King of the Car Industry" about to fall from grace?Shareholders also "force the palace" PorscheAnalysis of US IPOs | Short-term debt repayment of tens of millions of US dollars, going public in the US to become LuDa Group's "antidote"CICC: Increasing divergence in north-south fund flows